Baybayin Buhayin

Baybayin is a pre-colonial Filipino script that was used until about the 17th century before being replaced by the Latin alphabet during the period of Spanish colonization. Baybayin is an alphasyllabary script, which means that it makes use of consonant-vowel combinations (instead individual letters like in the Latin alphabet). Being alphasyllabary, Baybayin was used as a script for many different spoken languages in the Philippines.

In the past few years, some schools in the Philippines have started introducing the teaching of Baybayin to students (usually at a high school level) as part of a class's reading or writing curriculum. It is also often used in the insignia of government agencies, and more recently, some books are being published either partially or fully, in Baybayin. Bills to require its use in certain cases and instruction in schools have been repeatedly considered by the Congress of the Philippines, however presently, there is no official bill in place to revive the language.

The Site
This project is a resource hub where people can learn about the history of the script, practice using it, and grow to appreciate the script for its relevance to pre-colonial Philippines.

The site is divided into 3 primary sections that compiles (1) learning tools and materials, (2) written articles in relation to studying Baybayin, and (3) images and artwork of Baybayin in use. These sections are meant to help users familarize themselves with the script by providing concrete visualizations of how it is used. 

You can visit the Figma mockup of the site here.

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