Mapping Memory
Data Visualization

What makes home movies so special?

There is something about the intimacy of the home  that makes home movies all the more special as a mode of capturing memories. Today, we capture scenes from the home and are able to immediately share them online with our names and locations tagged. It’s easy for us to share how much we value our memories, especially when they are as intimate as being about our home life.

But what happens when we are no longer connected to our memories?

That is the case for many of the people featured in the films posted in the Prelinger Archives, a subset of the Internet Archive that primarily holds home movies and other similar personal films. Many of the archive’s home movies are uploaded by strangers that stumbled upon the films, or just do not have information about the families in the films in general. 

This project, Mapping Memories, visualizes the spaces in the home where the home movies in the Prelinger Archive are set in order to create a sense of connectedness and intimacy between films that are otherwise disconnected, both from each other and from where they originally came from. 

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